About us

Divine Word Missionaries came to Congo in 1951 where they assumed work in the parishes and schools of the Archdiocese of Kinshasa, Diocese of Kenge in the province of Bandundu, Diocese of Kikwit and Diocese of Kole.

In this video, Divine Word Missionaries working in Congo, Africa introduce themselves to fellow missionaries and the Superior General in a get together organised at the end of their assembly.

Today, the Divine Word Missionary presence is confined to the first three dioceses focusing on the work of forming candidates to the religious congregation and the education of the young population through its schools and orphanages while remaining actively engaged in parish work. The SVDs are also engaged in various media apostolates such as publications through Verbum Bible, broadcasting in the radio and television with Emission Biblique, and musique production through Bana Ngayemi

This short documentary presents the evangelisation works and social services of the Divine Word Missionaries in Congo (Some parts of the documentary is in French).

ORPER (Oeuvre de Reclassement et Protection de l’Enfant de la Rue)

ORPER means the work of re-integration and protection of street children. As the name suggest, this humanitarian organisation by the Divine Word Missionaries in Congo works on behalf of the abandoned children by providing them with education, mediation with their families, medical attention, and a new home in orphanages. Detailed information about ORPER is available in its website at www.orper.org.

Sender of Missionaries

After 67 years, SVD Congo is in a transition period. The foreign missionaries who worked for many years in the province gradually returned to their provinces of origin and fewer come to replace them. Now, majority of the members are of Congolese origin and many went to work in other countries where Divine Word Missionaries are present such as Chad and other African countries, North and South American countries, Europe and Philippines in Asia.

Bana Ngayime

“Bana” is the Lingala word to mean children. “Ngayime” is an honorific title in the tradition of the Yansi people of the Province of Bandundu given to someone with exceptional talent for singing before traditional kings and who also holds in memory the story of the clan nic family in his songs.

Inspired by the pastoral desire of the Cardinal Malula of Kinshasa to adopt the liturgy to the local milieu following the reform of the liturgy after the second Vatican council, the group Bana Ngayime pursued the task of promoting liturgical songs inspired and rooted to the Congolese culture and tradition. Today, the group is headed by Fr Alfons Mueller SVD.

Emission Biblique (Biblical Productions)

The proclamation of the Word of God occupies is at the heart of the pastoral works and services of Divine Word Missionaries. They tell the stories of Jesus, the Divine Word not only in the pulpit of the church but also make it heard through the radio and television broadcast produced by the Bible media production office, Emission Biblique (Bible Productions).

Fr Nicolas Makolo SVD, Director of Emission Biblique, demonstrates the use of sound mixer

Youth Education Services

Divine Word Missionaries in Congo take head on the pastoral services of the youth by establishing schools in all parishes and missions under their administrative care. Graduates from our schools took pride not only of the quality of instruction they received but also the religious and value formation they imbedded in the course of their stay in our catholic schools.

Divine Word Missionaries are involved in the educations apostolate as founders, administrators, teachers and chaplains.

St Joseph Frienademetz School in Ngondi
Brother Job SVD the School Administrator
Students from Saint Joseph School of Ngondi organise a Marian Prayer in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary
School of Notre Dame d’Afrique in Lemba, Kinshasa
Students and teachers of Collège Notre Dame d’Afrique in Lemba, Kinshasa
Students of Collège Notre Dame d’Afrique in Kinshasa fall in line before getting inside their classrooms
Fr Ange Kufwakuziku Malemba SVD leads the opening prayer in one of the school activities of Collège Notre Dame d’Afrique
Kivuvu College in Bandundu
Youth visitor-users of the school buildings of Collège Kivuvu pose for a souvenir photo before the school marker at the end of their stay.
Side view of the multi level school building of Collège Kivuvu
Fr Ben Overgoor SVD, a long time Rector (administrator) and teacher with one of the students of Collège Kivuvu.
The interior of the school complex of Collège Kivuvu
Secondary school students of Collège Kivuvu

Health Care Services

Divine Word Missionaries in Congo, Africa responding to the pressing needs opened a health care facility for the local population of Bandundu in the interior of Congo. 

The missionaries named the health care facility, “Centre Hospitalier Verbe Divin” which literally means, Divine Word Medical Clinic, evoking the healing power of the Word of God and Jesus.

Superior General Fr Budi Kledden SVD and other SVD guests poses with the Staff of the Divine Word Medical Center in Bandundu. Brother Innocent Kubile, SVD (second row, 4th from left) heads the health care facility.
Superior General Fr Budi Kleden, SVD inspect the laboratory facilities of the Divine Word Medical Clinic in Bandundu, Congo.
SVD Superior General Fr Budi Kledden SVD and participants of the SVD African Zone Assembly on their visit to the health care facility of Divine Word Missionaries in Bandundu, Congo